Should I Take a Day Off After a Tooth Extraction?

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Tooth extractions can play a crucial role in dental health and overall wellness, whether it's done to prepare a patient for another dental surgery, to remove a tooth that has been damaged or broken, or to get rid of impacted wisdom teeth. Patients can gain from straightforward tooth extractions in Plantation in a lot of ways.

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Will I Need a Leave of Absence from Work?

Depends on How the Body Recovers

Each patient will experience this differently. When having a tooth extracted, some patients may prefer to skip work that day so they can recover properly and take care of any acute adverse effects. Other patients may not need to take a day off to recover and could go back to work the next day if it’s not physically taxing. Taking time off will be discussed with you by your dentist throughout the consultation process.

Discomfort and Pain

In the days following tooth extraction, patients should anticipate experiencing some pain and discomfort. Both over-the-counter and prescription pain medications can be used to treat it. Use all drugs exactly as prescribed, never exceeding the dosage.

Swelling and Bruising

Along the gums and soft tissue where the extraction was done, swelling and bruising are other frequent effects. This should disappear within a few days. Applying a cold compress to the face can help reduce pain and discomfort while managing the bruising and swelling.

Diet is Essential

To help prevent soreness during meals after a tooth extraction, patients will prefer to eat soft foods or liquids. Avoid foods that are hot or cold, crunchy, or seasoned with spices. These can make you feel uncomfortable. If at all feasible, patients should avoid chewing on the side of their mouth that had surgery. Additionally, the use of a straw interferes with sutures and blood clotting in the operated area, so refrain from using one while you're recovering.

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