Should TMJ Splints be Worn for Long-Term Treatment?

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When you have a TMJ Aventura disorder, it’s best to focus on reversible and non-invasive treatments. The reason for this is that when your bite is altered, it’s hard and almost impossible to alter without surgery. Treating it with caution will give you optimal results from your treatment. Hence, one of the great approaches for treating TMJ is a bite splint. The question now is, will it be good for your dental health if worn for a long time? TMJ splints can be worn for long-term and short-term treatments. Let us show you how this dental appliance can improve your dental condition.

Where can I get help for TMJ Aventura?

TMJ Splints for Short-Term or Long-Term Treatments

Provides Protection and Alleviates Stress

According to several dentists, using TMJ splints can protect the soft and bony tissue supportive structure against irregular forces that would lead to injury. Moreso, it can protect your teeth from an abnormal occurrence that may lead to breakage or restorations and tooth fracture.Additionally, TMJ splints can also alleviate occlusal stress to the anterior teeth and posterior teeth by managing its vertical dimension and providing anterior guidance, respectively. More so, it promotes healthy muscle functionality and introduces an exceptional occlusal structure as you undergo your dental treatment.

Prevents Teeth Damage and Headache

TMJ disorder leads to unconscious grinding and clenching of jaw and teeth. If left untreated, this will lead to excessive wearing of teeth enamel, chipped teeth, and damaged fillings. TMJ splints play an important role in preventing these issues and enhance the quality of teeth throughout your treatment.Headaches are common discomforts every time you undergo dental treatment. Whether it’s a tooth extraction or dental surgery, there will come a time that you’ll experience mild or severe headaches. TMJ splints can make a difference when you have daily aches and pains. A lot of patients get surprising results after using TMJ splints after a day or two.

Where can I get help for TMJ Aventura?

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