Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments for Wisdom Tooth Infection

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Approximately 85% of patients require oral surgery in Plantation to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth, despite their name, are rarely needed and frequently obstruct other teeth. If you still have your wisdom teeth and are suffering dental discomfort, it's possible that you have a wisdom tooth infection.

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Wisdom Teeth Infection

Signs and Symptoms

If your wisdom tooth grows in but is only partially visible, germs can thrive and infect the region around the tooth. In this case, either the remaining gum over the tooth must be removed to allow the tooth to grow in, or wisdom teeth must be extracted. When wisdom teeth become impacted, they must be extracted to avoid further complications. A key indication of infection is pain. This might be limited to the area surrounding your wisdom tooth or teeth, or it can spread throughout your jaw or entire face. Swollen lymph nodes that are more sensitive than normal are another possibility. Other signs and symptoms include gum bleeding or pus, as well as foul breath caused by bacteria accumulation.Fever and chills are also signs of a wisdom tooth infection, which you may not be aware of. A fever is the body's natural defense against illness, which includes infection in the teeth.

Treatment for a Wisdom Tooth Infection

A wisdom tooth infection can be treated in a few different ways, the most common of which is extraction. To assist treat the infection, a dentist would most likely prescribe pain medications, antibiotics, and a specific mouthwash. It is possible for your wisdom teeth to grow in and be fine, but you should consult with a dentist or oral surgeon before making any decisions on your own. They will be able to assist you in determining the best treatment option for the infection.

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