Signs That You Need an Oral Pathology Exam

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We practice oral pathology in Plantation FL. This means we treat diseases that affect the cheeks, jaws, and neck, as well as those which originate inside the mouth. It is critical to recognize and treat these dental health concerns. In this post, we’ll discuss how to spot the warning signs that indicate it’s time to visit an oral pathologist.

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What Can an Oral Pathologist Diagnose?

Oral Cancer Warning Signs

Any changes in your smile should always be reported to your dentist or oral surgeon. A lesion, painful place, or rough patch that hasn't healed after a week, for example, could be cause for alarm. Here are some signs that you need an oral pathology exam:

  • Raw Patches
  • Lumps
  • Tumors
  • Swelling
  • Cysts
  • Red And White Splotches

Typically, these issues can be treated without too much discomfort. However, some may indicate a problem that requires immediate attention. This is especially important if you have oral cancer because early discovery makes it much more likely that you will achieve a full recovery.

Treatment and Biopsies

If we discover that you have malignant or precancerous regions in your mouth, we may recommend an oral tissue biopsy. During this procedure, our staff removes a tiny tissue sample, which is then transferred to a specialized lab to be analyzed. Following that, we'll devise a treatment strategy. Don't hesitate to contact our staff right away if you have any concerns about possible remedies or if you have a sore or lump in your mouth that requires care.

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Are You Scheduled For Oral Pathology in Plantation, FL?

With a thorough clinical exam and evaluation, Oral Facial Reconstruction is ready to help you achieve maximum oral health and avoid serious issues. Please schedule a consultation by calling us or filling out our contact form to learn more about the process of inspecting and treating your smile.