How Dangerous is Sleep Apnea?

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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects a person’s breathing while he or she sleeps. Individuals with this condition will stop breathing at times throughout the night, depending on the severity of the case. Oftentimes, sleep apnea Coral Springs will cause people to snore and feel as though they did not get a full night of rest the next day.

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Perils Caused by Sleep Apnea

Fatigue and Accidents

The constant awakenings associated with sleep apnea make it difficult for you to have normal sleep. Due to irritability, fatigue, and drowsiness, individuals with this condition are at high risk of workplace and motor vehicle accidents. Hence, it is important to say that sleep apnea Coral Springs should never be taken lightly.

Overall Anxiety and Restricted Blood Flow

Sleep apnea Coral Springs leads to a higher risk of restricting blood flow to the brain, which can increase the odds of having a stroke. Likewise, lack of sleep amplifies the brain’s anticipatory reactions and causes higher levels of overall anxiety. Experts also provide that untreated sleep apnea can result in higher levels of depression due to a decrease in neurotransmitters, which regulates your mood.

Metabolic Syndrome and Cognitive Impairment

Moreover, there is a high probability that individuals with sleep apnea will have metabolic syndrome and irregular results on liver function tests. Metabolic syndrome includes weight gain, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. Aside from these, it can also impair your memory and your ability to think and process information.

where is sleep apnea coral springs?

Fight Sleep Apnea Coral Springs with Professional Help!

If you are experiencing the discomforts of sleep apnea, or think that you will develop such a condition, it’s essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. Contact us today to get treated for sleep apnea.