Sleep Apnea Exercises

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Do you snore when you're asleep? If you struggle to get the necessary rest because of this, try these sleep exercises. If you snore or have trouble sleeping, try these exercises for 10 minutes a day to obtain the maximum effect and lessen snoring. However, if your conditions don’t improve, you might have sleep apnea in Pembroke Pines and would need to see a dentist for treatment.

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Breathing and Mouth Exercises for Snoring

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Close your mouth and take a few deep breaths. Put a finger in one nostril and close it. Exhale through the open nostril, and then inhale. Breathe in and out through the nostril that is open while closing the other. Repeat at least ten times. This breathing practice can be more effective if you breathe more deeply or more frequently through one nostril than the other. Before going to bed, you can choose to breathe through the blocked nostril to clear your airways.

Face-Moving Drills

After your tongue exercises, perform facial activities. You can stop snoring and avoid slack muscles when you sleep by strengthening the muscles in your mouth and face. Hook your face with your finger and gently stretch it outward. Pulling your cheek back inward at the same time requires the activation of your facial and mouth muscles. On each side, repeat 5 to 10 times. By doing this exercise, you'll be able to keep your mouth closed while you sleep and develop facial muscles. You can also start by tightly contracting your mouth and pouting your lips before opening it again. Next, open your mouth and thoroughly relax the jaw and mouth muscles. Do these five to ten times.

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Do You Need Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Pembroke Pines?

Are these exercises not working and you’re concerned about a more serious diagnosis? To learn more about obstructive sleep apnea and your treatment options, visit Oral Facial Reconstruction.