Sleep Apnea in Aventura | How to Prevent Snoring

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A common sign of sleep apnea in Aventura is loud snoring. Snoring is a condition that affects about 90 million adults in the United States. And it's a condition that affects 37 million of those people on a regular basis. Snoring is without a doubt a very frustrating condition. It is frustrating for the person who snores. It is also frustrating to those who sleep next to or near the snorer. All in all, it is a condition that people want treatment for.Fortunately for these chronic snorers and those who sleep next to or near them, there is treatment available. Silent Nite sl is one of the best solutions for loud snoring. It is an affordable device that is custom-fabricated to the patient. This device works by moving the lower jaw forward, which gives the airway tube more space and reduces air velocity and soft tissue vibration. Silent Nite sl is flexible, thin and will fit comfortably in your mouth. In addition, it has clinical success in stopping and even preventing the unpleasant effects of sleep apnea and snoring. In other words, it’s the perfect treatment!

Get The Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Aventura!

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By now, it should not surprise you that treatment for sleeping issues is well worth it. So if you suffer from sleep apnea in Aventura or simply have a snoring problem, it is time for you to seek treatment! Here at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we have safe and effective treatments that will get you a more restful night’s sleep. Snore no more and reach out to our office today!