Symptoms That Might Need TMJ Treatment

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TMJ therapy is determined by the severity of your issue and other criteria, including your age and health status. While some cases of TMJ in Aventura may be treated with simple procedures such as custom-fitted mouth appliances, others are far more problematic and require oral surgery.

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TMJ Symptoms to Look Out For

Sleep Apnea

TMJ therapy and sleep apnea treatment are frequently combined. TMJ exacerbates sleep apnea, and if you're not receiving enough oxygen at night, your oral surgeon may prescribe surgery.

Degraded Jaw Point

Whether caused by TMJ or not, advanced arthritis in the jaw joint has degenerative consequences that only worsen over time. Stabilization or rebuilding may be necessary if the joint cartilage has degraded or the disc has migrated out of position.

Jaw and Facial Pain

A TMJ problem is a complicated ailment to deal with. It can cause substantial pain while eating, as well as when just talking. If your jaw locks and stays in one position all of the time, it can cause discomfort that can spread throughout your upper body. TMJ problems can cause considerable pain, ranging from migraines to earaches.

Your Teeth Are Deteriorating at a Faster Rate Than Usual

A misplaced bite frequently causes TMJ dysfunction. Your natural teeth may join together wrongly due to this, causing them to wear down faster than they should. TMD treatment is frequently suggested to avoid tooth damage since this can lead to dental restorations.

Treatments That Aren't Surgical Don't Produce the Desired Results

When nonsurgical treatment options have been explored with no effect, one of the primary indicators is that surgical TMJ therapy is required.

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Do You Need More Information About Your TMJ in Aventura?

Our dental surgeons are experts in the temporomandibular joint and can assist you with any problems that may emerge. Please make an appointment with us now to have your TMJ examined.