Teeth in a Day®: Can They Take Longer Than Expected?

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If you’ve recently lost a tooth, you’re probably thinking about dental implants and that getting it replaced in one day is a very sweet deal. However, there are some out-of-the-ordinary situations in which Teeth in a Day® in Coral Springs may take a bit more than an actual day. Let’s take a look!

senior woman wearing Teeth in a Day® coral springs

Teeth in a Day®: What to Expect

Consultation Comes First

On the day of your implant placement operation, Teeth in a Day® will provide you with a new set of teeth. But remember: your consultation to confirm you’re a good candidate must be completed ahead of time because your dental operation will need to be organized and prepared. Before your big day, this process could take some time. Remember that in a few months the permanent restoration will take the place of the temporary one.

Possible Additional Surgical Procedures

Prior to the implantation, patients may occasionally need additional operations. This often occurs when a patient's jawbone isn’t sturdy enough to support the implant. In such a situation, the jawbone may be strengthened using bone grafts, either artificial or taken from another region of the body so that you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of these implants.

Unique Types of Dental Implants

In a few extremely unusual situations, the Teeth In A Day® operation can need extra time or a special kind of dental implant, like a zygoma or pterygoid implant. Zygomatic implants provide a stronger foundation because they’re secured into the top jawbone adjacent to denser zygoma bone. Pterygoid implants work in a similar way, latching onto the pterygoid plate to provide a stable foundation, reducing the chance of breaking into the sinus cavity and nullifying the need for grafts.

dentist installing Teeth in a Day® coral springs

Interested in Teeth in a Day® in Coral Springs?

Even on these very rare occasions, Teeth In a Day guarantees the fastest delivery in the market since speed is their signature quality. Here at Oral Facial Reconstruction, we will perform a thorough examination to find out exactly what you need to improve your smile. Contact us now!