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Thanks to technology and technique advancements, teeth in a day Coral Springs is now possible. It is a revolutionary solution that replaces all your lost teeth with an implant-supported denture. With this dental solution, you no longer have to wait for weeks or months before you can have your missing tooth replaced.

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Achieve Those Perfectly Strong Teeth in a Single Day

How Does Teeth in a Day Work?

Teeth in a day restore your teeth in a single visit. The dental procedure works by strategically attaching dental implants in the affected area or side of your mouth. Additionally, the procedure no longer involves the use of traditional materials so the denture achieves the optimal support from your jawbone.

Can Non-Restorable Teeth Be Treated?

If you think that your teeth cannot be restored, you’re wrong! At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we can restore your existing teeth for as long as the decay, cavity, or dental issue is not that bad. In case your condition worsened and the existing tooth cannot be saved, it will be replaced by a completely functional prosthetic. Teeth in a day work well when you have a fractured or injured tooth. It is also applicable in cases where you develop periodontal disease and severe tooth decay.

What are the Benefits?

Teeth in a day offer a lot of benefits. For one, it will spare you numerous dental visits. Individuals who underwent tooth loss problems lack the stability for effective dental implant anchoring. The reason for this is that having lost teeth for long periods of time may lead to jawbone degeneration. To prevent this, dental care and treatment are indispensable.

who offers the best teeth in a day coral springs?

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