Teeth in a Day Coral Springs | The Do’s and Don’ts After Your Teeth in a Day Surgery

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Dental implants are considered to be the best solution for missing teeth. It provides benefits no other tooth-replacement option can offer. But not everyone is willing to go through extensive surgical procedures or go without teeth. Good thing, you can now opt for teeth in a day Coral Springs. With teeth in a day, temporary crowns can be attached immediately. This means you can smile with confidence the moment you step out of the clinic! If you're considering to get teeth in a day, here are some dos and don'ts after your surgery:

Do Not Touch the Surgical Area

Avoid touching the surgical area with your tongue, hands, or any object. When brushing your teeth, stay away from the surgical area and brush as gently as you can, especially when you’re near the affected area. Allow it to heal properly without any interruptions.

Do Not Do Any Strenuous Activities

If you do not want to experience any pain, swelling, or bleeding after your teeth in a day Coral Springs surgery, it’s best to rest and stay away from doing any strenuous activities.

Do Not Smoke or Drink

Smoking and heavy drinking are not advisable while you're still healing from the procedure. Smoking and heavy drinking can delay your healing, which will affect the osseointegration process of your implants. It's best to stay away from these if you do not want to suffer from implant failure.

Do Take the Prescribed Meds

Your oral surgeon will normally prescribe you with meds to manage pain, swelling, and possible infection. You should take them on the recommended time, duration, and dosage.

Do Eat Nutritious Soft Foods

Maintain a healthy and soft diet after your surgery to aid healing.

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