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Teeth in a Day Plantation is able to transform your smile in just a few hours. It can provide you a permanent solution without the lengthy process and recovery associated with dental implants. From a set of decayed and few missing teeth to a new set of beautiful, bright, and fully functional smile, Teeth in a Day can bring back the confidence in your smile instantly. Here are the advantages of teeth in a day you should know about:


With Teeth in a Day Plantation, instead of getting an implant for every missing tooth, you will only need 4 implants to secure a full upper and/or lower arch. That’s thousands of dollars of savings!


Instead of going through multiple procedures that stretch for months, Teeth in a Day is completed within a few hours. This modern solution can provide you a full set of upper and/or lower teeth within a day! And once your implants are completely and fully Osseointegrated to your bone, your dentist can now place a permanent set of teeth.

Safe and Effective

Teeth in a Day has a success rate of 98%. It’s also FDA approved and has been performed worldwide for 20 years.

Durable and Stable

With proper care and good oral hygiene, your Teeth in a Day can last you a lifetime! It’s one of the most reliable teeth replacement solution that offers durability and stability.

Looks Natural and Feels Comfortable

What’s great about Teeth in a Day is that it’s anchored securely, which means you never have to worry about your replacement teeth slipping off your mouth as you speak or eat. It also looks natural! No one will ever guess you have artificial teeth on, not even you.

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Thanks to Teeth in a Day Plantation, you can turn your frown upside-down instantly! At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our experienced team of oral surgeons will make sure that you’re walking out of our clinic with a confident, beautiful smile! Contact us for an appointment.