Benefits of Teeth in a Day Implants

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Teeth in a Day Plantation is able to convert your smile in just a few hours. It can offer you a stable solution without an extensive process and recovery. From a set of decayed and few lost teeth to a new set of stunning, perky, and fully functional smile, teeth in a day can bring back the confidence in your smile instantly.

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Advantages of Getting Teeth in a Day

No Bone Grafting

Traditional dental implant solutions will entail more bone to be added to your jaw to guarantee that sufficient bone is available to support the dental implants. The will be instances that dental implants will require additional surgery which may include sinus-lifting and bone-grafting. Both of these additional procedures will need you to allot another healing period. Luckily, with teeth in a day Plantation, the likelihood of having to undergo sinus-lifting and bone grafting is dramatically reduced.

Faster Procedure and Healing Period

Several patients who wear dentures are disturbed with the fact that the amount of time it will take for the treatment to be done requires several days. Traditional dental implant treatments will take several months before it can be fully active. Through teeth in a day Plantation, your dental treatment will be successful and active the same day the procedure is finished.


Most people are discouraged to choose teeth in a day Plantation services because they think that it will be expensive. However, few only know that it is already made affordable than ever before. Because of the advanced dental implant tools, techniques, and technology, this treatment is already plausible at an affordable rate.

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Other Benefits that Teeth in a Day Plantation Can Offer

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, teeth in a day Plantation can increase self-confidence. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to get more information!