The Basics of Malocclusion and Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ)

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The jaw joint that secures your lower jaw is deferred beneath the skull by a complex system of tendons and muscles. Commonly known as TMJ Plantation, temporomandibular joints are one of the most intricate in the body. The fit of your teeth, as well as your surrounding muscles and jaw joint, are meticulously interrelated, each affecting the other every time you move your jaw when chewing and speaking.

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How are Malocclusion and TMJ Interrelated?

What is Malocclusion?

Occlusion is the term used to describe the way your teeth fit in your mouth. When your teeth are not properly aligned, your jaw may automatically change to another position in the hope to compensate for any misalignment and this process is called malocclusion. TMJ Plantation disorder can affect your muscles, nerves, blood vessels, resulting in severe ear pain or headache. Now, imagine what will happen if your teeth are not aligned with your jaw, other skeletal structures like the spine and neck can become involved, which can cause detrimental effects to your blood vessels, muscles, nerves, and other joints.

Structural Stress

The structural stress caused by misaligned TMJ Plantation is a horrible type of physical stress because there is no way your body can discover relief for it. Without noticing it, we tend to unconsciously swallow saliva during the day and at night we may grind or clench our teeth. Each time those teeth meet in improper occlusion, stress is developed.


Before you take any TMJ Plantation treatment, you can first opt for diagnostic procedures. The TMJ diagnosis starts with a detailed neck and head physical examination. Likewise, refined radiographs may be required to completely examine your jaw joint. Lastly, computer-aided or electronic studies like EMG recording and sonography may be used.

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