The Intersection of Dental Procedures and TMD Symptoms

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The significance of dental procedures in maintaining oral health is undeniable, yet their potential impact on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) often goes overlooked. This crucial joint, facilitating essential jaw movements for chewing, speaking, and even breathing, can be affected by various dental treatments, leading to discomfort and pain for patients.

Let's explore how different dental procedures may impact your TMJ in Plantation.

TMJ in Plantation with tooth extraction.

What Dental Procedures Can Contribute to TMD Symptoms?

Orthodontic Treatment

While aimed at correcting misalignments and bite issues, orthodontic treatment may inadvertently intensify temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) symptoms. Applying braces or other orthodontic appliances can exert pressure on the jaw joint, resulting in soreness or stiffness.

Dental Fillings and Crowns

Dental fillings and crowns are essential for repairing cavities or restoring damaged teeth. However, they might disrupt proper bite alignment, potentially straining the TMJ and triggering discomfort.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions may sometimes be necessary due to severe decay or overcrowding. However, they can disrupt the balance of forces in the mouth, potentially leading to TMJ issues. This is especially true in cases involving multiple extractions.

Dental Implants

While offering significant benefits for replacing missing teeth, the surgical placement of dental implants may temporarily exacerbate TMD symptoms due to the stress placed on the jaw during the procedure.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy aims to save severely infected or damaged teeth. However, prolonged dental visits and the need to keep the mouth open for extended periods during the procedure can cause TMJ discomfort for some patients.

Periodontal Treatments

Procedures such as scaling and root planing for gum disease may involve jaw manipulation, potentially worsening TMD symptoms. This is more common in individuals already experiencing jaw joint issues.

TMJ in Plantation along with braces.

Start Relieving Pain in Your TMJ in Plantation!

Dental professionals should be mindful of the potential impact of their procedures on TMJ health and take measures to minimize discomfort for patients. This may involve utilizing bite guards during treatments, providing thorough post-operative care instructions, and collaborating with TMJ specialists as needed. By acknowledging the relationship between dental procedures and TMJ symptoms, the professionals at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center can work with you to maintain optimal oral health and comfort. Call us today!