The Modern Replacement for Dentures

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Dentures help individuals who are missing most, or all, of their teeth to continue to eat and speak normally. However, dentures do not offer the same long-term protections as dental implants. The procedure for teeth in a day® in Plantation replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge that is supported by dental implants. This ensures you have far greater stability in the bone within a single day.   

dental tech sculpting teeth in a day in plantation

Goodbye Dentures, Hello Permanent Smiles

How Teeth in a Day® Works

Dental implants need a specific volume of dense bone available in the jaw to be stably placed.  With this procedure, specially designed dental implants are placed in strategic positions to take advantage of areas with dense bone. After some diagnostics and preparation are done, your referred doctor will do the entire procedure in a single day. First, they extract what needs to be extracted and place your dental implants. Next, they will provide you with a temporary but highly functional set of replacement teeth to wear while your implants are healing. Once completely healed, your final new teeth will be ready to go.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Since dental implants replace the original tooth’s roots, they provide the needed stimulation for the jawbone to maintain its volume, thereby preventing future bone loss. Eating and drinking will be safer and more enjoyable with fixed-in new teeth. Because your new teeth are securely fixed onto implants, they will not be able to move around in your mouth. Thus, no more painful chewing sores that you might experience with dentures. 

Dentist showing new Teeth in a Day system in plantation to patient

Need a Consultation for Teeth in a Day in Plantation?

So, if you need all your teeth replaced or are already wearing dentures, come and see Oral Facial Reconstruction and learn more about the Teeth in a Day® procedure. Call or message us to request an appointment online.