The Relationship Between Wisdom Teeth and Jaw Development

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Wisdom teeth in Plantation, also known as third molars, have long been a subject of curiosity and concern for many people. These late-developing teeth often require extraction due to various reasons. However, many might not realize wisdom teeth are more than a dental inconvenience. They play a significant role in developing our jaws and facial structure.

one of the wisdom teeth in Plantation needing extraction

The Role of Wisdom Teeth in Jaw Growth

Eruption and Space Limitations  

When wisdom teeth emerge, they can cause a series of complications. Since they appear after the other permanent teeth have settled, there might not be enough space for them to come in properly.

This lack of space often leads to impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in pain, swelling, and even infections. Moreover, impacted wisdom teeth can exert pressure on neighboring teeth, causing crowding and misalignment.

Jawbone Stimulation  

One of the lesser-known functions of wisdom teeth is their contribution to jawbone stimulation. The process of wisdom teeth eruption and the pressure they exert while aligning themselves can stimulate the surrounding jawbone.  

This stimulation is crucial for maintaining the density and strength of the jawbone. Without it, the jawbone can gradually lose mass, leading to potential bone loss and a weakened foundation for other teeth.  

The Role of Genetics and Evolution  

Genetic factors and evolutionary history can influence the development and presence of wisdom teeth. Some individuals may have smaller jaws due to genetics, often resulting in insufficient space for wisdom teeth.  

This suggests that our jaws have evolved, becoming smaller and more suited to changing dietary habits. As we transitioned to a softer and cooked diet, our jaws became less robust, and thus, the need for wisdom teeth diminished.

a dentist pulling wisdom teeth in Plantation

Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Plantation?

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