Things You Might Not Know About Oral Cancer

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Are you looking for a way to avoid an oral pathology in Coral Springs, FL? You can reduce your chances of getting diagnosed if you understand the risk factors linked with this form of cancer. You should be aware of this condition to try to avoid it if possible and get treatment right away if you are diagnosed.

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What You Might Not Know About Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Occurs in Stages

Because this cancer is frequently diagnosed in its later stages, when it has already started to spread to another area, such as the lymph nodes of the neck, the survival rate is lower. Since it has had time to extend deep into the surrounding tissues, therapy is less effective at this point. Getting checked regularly is crucial to catching the cancer as early as possible.

Oral Cancer's Most Prevalent Sites

The tongue, tonsils, gums, bottom of the mouth, and throat are the most prevalent sites for oral cancer. People who smoke have a higher chance of developing tongue cancer.

Tobacco Use Raises the Risk of Developing Oral Cancer

It's sound knowledge that smoking causes lung cancer, but it can also lead to other cancers, such as mouth cancer. 80% of people with mouth cancer smoke or use other tobacco products. Quitting smoking can help you lower your risk.

Oral Cancer Affects Everyone

While rare, oral cancer can be found in young kids who have never smoked or used tobacco. It affects everyone, regardless of age or health situation. While tobacco users and smokers have an increased risk of mouth cancer, there are several risk factors. Alcohol, a weakened immune system, HPV infections, betel quid, and heredity are some examples.

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Where to Find Oral Pathology Coral Springs, FL

Because oral cancer has to be treated as soon as possible for the best results, it's crucial to examine your mouth for any indications of oral cancer frequently. If it's been a while since you've had your mouth examined by a dentist, schedule an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction as soon as possible.