What is TMJ Open-Joint Surgery?

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If you and your TMJ Aventura doctor have decided that the ideal way to address your dental problem is for you to undergo a TMJ open-joint surgery, this article is a must-read. Open surgery implicates that your jaw joint should be fully exposed by performing a cut in front of your ear instead of using the standard keyhole techniques.

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Basics of TMJ Open-Joint Surgery

Process Involved in The Surgery

In order for the doctor to acquire access to your joint, he or she has to immediately cut in front of your ear. The moment your joint has been opened and other treatments are carried out; it will be put back together through stitches. After a week or two from your surgery, your stitches will be removed so your surgery can fully heal and recover.

Length of The Operation

The length of the operation will differ depending on what your doctor will be performing on your jaw joint. If the procedure is a bit complicated, it will last for several hours. However, if it only involves basic incisions, the TMJ Aventura operation will last for a couple of minutes only.

Expectations After The Surgery

After your TMJ Aventura operation, you can expect a little soreness and discomfort for several days. Because of these, your doctor will have to prescribe some pain killers so you can do your daily tasks despite the discomfort and soreness. Likewise, it is essential that you see to it that the area heals without any infection. Thus, you will also need some antibiotics.

what is tmj Aventura?

Are There TMJ Aventura Complications?

In every surgery, there will always be potential complications. However, when it comes to TMJ surgery, after-operation complications are very rare. Thus, it is essential that you are fully aware of the treatment, result, and complications that may arise due to open-joint surgery. To know more about the TMJ operation, contact us today and we’ll get in touch with you right away!