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Various forms of TMJ Aventura treatments are widely available, including home remedies, surgery, and physical therapy. But in cases wherein conservative methods of treatment fail to provide you the relief and treatment that you need, we recommend that you opt for TMJ arthroscopy or TMJ open surgery. If you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, then knowing the causes of this syndrome might help you understand why you have it. Here are the top causes of TMJ:

what is tmj aventura?

What Caused My TMJ Disorder?


Microtrauma refers to internal trauma such as bruxism or teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Doing this often can affect your TMJ over time and can even alter the alignment of your teeth. The muscles around your joints can also become inflamed or swollen. If you have this habit, go to a dentist and ask for a mouth guard to keep your teeth from grinding or your jaws from clenching unconsciously.


Macrotrauma refers to trauma caused by external factors such as an accident or impact from a punch. External trauma can break your jawbone, causing damage to your TMJ or dislocation of the cartilage disc in your joint. Having your mouth open for long periods can also cause pain in your TMJ.


Clenching your jaws or biting things consciously, like chewing gum, biting on your nail, or a pen or pencil can stress your jaws and the muscles around it causing pain and jaw immobility or clenched jaws.


Just like any other joints in your body, your TMJ Aventura is also prone to arthritic change or osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes a slow yet progressive loss of cartilage and development of new bone at the joint’s surface. Its prevalence also increases as you age.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This disease causes inflammation to your joints including your TMJ. As it advances, the disease can cause damage to your cartilage, bones, and eventually cause joint deformity.

what is tmj aventura?

Where to Have Your TMJ Aventura Treated?

If your TMJ is causing you pain more than you can bear, then consider getting TMJ Aventura surgery. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our crew of knowledgeable oral surgeons will assure you that your surgery is a success. Contact us for inquiries!