TMJ Coral Springs | How to Recover Fast After Your TMJ Surgery

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Your TMJ is a crucial joint in your face that control your jaw’s movements. Without it functioning properly, it will be difficult for you to speak, chew, or even open your mouth. Unfortunately, some people suffer from this jaw joint problem, also known as a temporomandibular joint disorder. We provide TMJ Coral Springs treatments to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder, including surgery. If you’re planning to undergo surgery for your TMJ, then these 5 tips can help you recover faster:

Get Plenty of Rest

Allow your body to recover and recuperate from the operation. Resting as much as you can help your body regain strength for faster healing. Avoid rigorous exercise or strenuous activity.

Take Your Prescribed Medicines

You must finish your prescribed medication according to the instructions. It’s also important to take it on the set time. This will help prevent relapse and infection from developing, allowing you to heal fully from your TMJ Coral Springs surgery.

Apply Hot or Cold Compress

It's normal to feel swollen during your first week of recovery. To help reduce your facial swelling and discomfort, you can apply a cold or hot compress on the surgical area.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated will aid your body in recovering faster. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Prepare your Meals Ahead of Time

Following jaw surgery, conduct your meal prep for healthy foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Doing this will prevent you from grabbing microwavable foods and other unhealthy food. Proper nutrition is key to aid faster healing.

Where can I get TMJ Coral Springs surgery?

Where to have your TMJ Coral Springs surgery?

TMJ surgery might seem like a long process, but once your jaw is fully healed, you will have a more functional and healthy jaw. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your surgery is a success. Contact us today for inquiries, or to schedule an appointment!