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If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain in your jaws, face, ears, and head, then these might be signs that you’re suffering from TMJ Coral Springs. Dealing with the symptoms of TMJ is challenging, especially because not all forms of treatment works for everyone. It’s a matter of experimenting and trying out options before you know which type of treatment works for you. If you’re looking for ways to ease your TMJ pain, here are tips you should consider:

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How Do I Ease My TMJ Pain?

Consume More Soft Foods

Eating food that doesn’t require much chewing and gnawing will allow your jaws, TMJ, and the muscles around it to heal and recuperate from the daily wear and tear it’s used to. A lot of people find relief by doing this. Try going on a soft food diet for a month and see how that goes for you.

Apply Cold or Hot Compress

Applying cold or hot compress helps relieve the muscles around your jaws and TMJ. This may help ease the TMJ Coral Springs symptoms you’re experiencing.

See a Physical Therapist

Seeing a PT may help ease your TMJ pain through various exercises, massages, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and more. These methods of treatment can help relax the tensed muscles surrounding your TMJ and jaws, which may be causing jaw immobility.


Mouth splints are great because they help stop your teeth from clenching and grinding unconsciously. This helps take off pressure from your jaw joints and muscles, allowing them to relax and heal. Ask your dentist about splints, so they can advise how long you should wear them.


If conservative methods of treatment don't work for you, then consider getting surgery. There are two types of surgery for TMJ, namely: arthroscopy and open joint surgery. Both do a great job of treating TMJ and proving relief from pain and other discomforts caused by this disorder.

who offers tmj coral springs?

Where to Have Your TMJ Coral Springs Treated?

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