TMJ Disorder and Wisdom Teeth

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You may have heard someone complain about the symptoms of TMJ disorder a few hours after having their tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. Due to symptoms such as locking or popping of the jaw, those people may have associated these symptoms with their wisdom teeth. Continue reading to know whether extraction of wisdom teeth in Plantation is truly the cause of their TMJ disorder symptoms.

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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause TMJ Disorder?

Wisdom Tooth is Removed for Another Reason

Removing a wisdom tooth will not cause TMJ disorder. Extractions are often due to other issues such as damage to surrounding teeth and discomfort. It is removed because the tooth continues attempting to erupt in positions that do not have enough space, pushing the surrounding teeth to the wrong position.Extracting impacted wisdom teeth will not remove TMJ symptoms if that is truly the cause. So, it’s essential to know impacted wisdom teeth do not cause such disorder.

Evaluation of TMJ Disorder

Patients should still have their teeth and mouth evaluated by their dentist if they think they are suffering from these symptoms. Dentists and oral surgeons have in-depth knowledge of the functionality and composition of the jaw joint. With this knowledge, they can easily determine and diagnose whether you have a TMJ disorder.Additionally, these professionals are well-qualified to perform invasive procedures that can treat this dental problem. However, depending on the severity of the problem, symptoms may be treated through non-invasive procedures like physical therapy and stress management techniques.To avoid severe complications that will require invasive surgery to treat TMJ disorder, it’s important that you have the symptoms evaluated as early as possible to prevent these from developing further.

where can i get wisdom teeth plantation removal?

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth in Plantation

In a gist, wisdom teeth do not cause TMJ disorder, nor will having them extracted cause such a condition. If you have any problems with your wisdom teeth or TMJ disorder, contact our team at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to book an appointment.