TMJ in Aventura | What Is the Temporomandibular Joint?

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The temporomandibular joint, or more commonly known as TMJ, is the joint that connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull. It is the main component of all basic jaw function. Let’s take a more in-depth look at TMJ in Aventura.

How Does the TMJ Work?

TMJ works to open your mouth in two different ways. The first way has the TMJ perform like a hinge on a door to simply open and close the mouth. The second way is a sliding motion commonly referred to as translation. Translation occurs when the lower jaw moves down and forward. This is used to perform basic functions such as eating and yawning.

What Can Happen to My TMJ?

Like any other joint in the body, the TMJ can become swollen, sore, or even fracture. Any of those can cause limited movement of the lower jaw and pain in the head and neck area. Pain in the TMJ is often temporary and can be treated with a combination of ice then heat to relieve the sore ligaments and muscles surrounding the joint.

Why do I need to know about TMJ in Aventura

Will I Ever Need To Have Surgery On My TMJ?

It is rare, but sometimes surgery is needed to correct problems with your TMJ. You will likely need to see an oral surgeon to perform the procedure.

Do You Need More Information On Your TMJ in Aventura?

Our oral surgeons have an extensive knowledge on the temporomandibular joint and are here to help with any issues that might arise. Contact us today to make an appointment to have your TMJ looked at.