TMJ in Aventura | 3 Easy Jaw Stretches for TMJ Disorder Relief

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So, it happened again. Seemingly out of nowhere, that jaw pain from your old pal, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), pays a visit. TMJ disorder affects 1 in 8 Americans and is caused by jaw misalignment, teeth grinding, stress and more. But, TMJ in Aventura doesn’t have to be so painful.Here are some simple stretches that many believe can strengthen the jaw and relieve some of the tension that comes along with TMJ disorder:

Relaxed Jaw

Gently press your tongue to the roof of your mouth (without pressure). Then, open your mouth by separating your teeth. Keep your jaw muscles relaxed while doing this. You can make this more advanced by placing a finger on your TMJ and one on your chin. There should be slight resistance but zero pain.


Take a small object (like a short stack of tongue depressors) and put it between your front tooth. Isolate your jaw movement and slide it side to side. As this becomes easier, you can increase the size of the object.

Gentle Resistance

Another gentle resistance exercise is similar to the relaxed jaw but provides more resistance. Place your thumb under your chin and hold it there. Then, open your mouth slowly and push against your chin. You can hold your mouth open for a few seconds. Again, there should be no pain while doing these exercises.

Always Consult Your Doctor

Talking with your doctor can be the most productive form of pain treatment. If you’re looking for more guidance – or have questions regarding TMJ exercises – always ask.

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