TMJ in Pembroke Pines | 5 Most Common TMJ Myths

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If you’re experiencing constant headaches, pain around your ears, or tenderness in your jaws you might have TMJ. With TMJ in Pembroke Pines, we realize this is a serious oral problem that needs to be addressed now before it’s too late. Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 myths about TMJ!

1. Only Women are Prone to TMD

Studies show that both men and women are most likely to develop TMJ around the same age. Yes, women have been shown to receive treatment in its early stages whereas men wait until sharp pain occurs.

2. All TMJ Treatments are the Same

TMJ disorder has different types and they manifest in different ways. Each treatment is tailored on an individual case-by-case basis.

3. Pain Only in the Jaws

Common symptoms are mostly jaw related, like clicking jaw sounds and jaw pain. But TMJ symptoms can manifest in other ways such as neck pain, headaches, back pain, or vertigo. It’s important to get checked for proper diagnosis.

4. Force Open a Locked Jaw

Self-help sites might suggest that you do this despite the fact that it can get very painful and damaging to your jaws. Forcing a locked jaw to open may cause irreparable damage, like dislocation, damaging the cushioning disc in the joint, or breaking your jawbone. Avoid any unnecessary pain and seek professional help now!

5. Surgery is the Only Treatment

Surgery isn’t the only way to treat a TMJ disorder. There are various other treatments you can choose from. A TMJ arthroscopy may be what you need, so we can get a closer look.

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