TMJ in Plantation | Common Signs of TMJ

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If your jaw is causing you pain and affecting your daily life, there’s no need to stay in pain. TMJ in Plantation is a very common disorder, meaning there are several options for you. If you suspect that TMJ might be at play, here are some signs to look for:

Clicking & Popping Sounds

If you have a TMJ disorder, you may hear clicking or popping when you move your mouth. When it starts to disrupt your daily life, that’s when it’s time to act.

Waking Up with Headaches

Unwarranted headaches may be a sign that something is going on beneath the surface. So, stay hydrated, take the appropriate medication, but don’t settle. Be sure to schedule an appointment to get to the bottom of things.

Motion Restriction

Open and close your jaw. Are you able to open it all the way? Was there pain or discomfort? Was there tension? Any sort of motion restriction is a sign that unnecessary tension is lingering back in the joint. Exercise, dietary changes, and more may be able to relieve this.

How can I treat TMJ in Plantation?

Pain While Chewing or Talking

You should be able to perform simple behaviors without pain. So, if it hurts or you have discomfort when chewing or speaking, something is not right. In this case, it’s time to avoid gummy, hard-to-chew, and leafy foods while you schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Earaches & Ringing

The sounds of TMJ disorder don’t just linger in the jaw. In fact, you may experience earaches, pain near your temples, and ringing in your ears. This is due to the tension that occurs with TMJ.

Are You Looking to Treat TMJ in Plantation?

Smiling should never cause you pain. If you suspect you’re suffering from TMJ in Plantation, contact us at Oral Facial to schedule an appointment and discuss your treatment options.