TMJ in Plantation | How to Tailor Your Diet to Minimize TMJ Symptoms

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When you suffer from TMJ, you’re probably willing to do whatever it takes to limit the pain. But, while kicking a chewing gum habit is a little more obvious, you may not be aware of other foods that could irritate your jaw. So, how do you tailor a diet around TMJ in Plantation? It’s easier than you think:

Decrease These Foods

The guidelines for eating with TMJ are fairly simple. You want to avoid foods that may irritate the muscle. But, it’s not always obvious which foods and drinks to steer clear of. So, start by trying to eliminate these from your daily diet:

  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Dairy
  • Excessive Salt
  • Large, Leafy Lettuce
  • Sugar

While it’s a short list, by limiting stimulants like caffeine, you’re less likely to strain your jaw. At the same time, ditching hard-to-bite and chewy options, including lettuce and corn on the cob will leave you feeling less pressure.

Increase These Foods

A soft diet doesn’t have to feel limiting. You can still eat your favorites! Just ensure that none are too difficult to chew, or you could be entering painful territory. So, try stocking up on these goods next time you’re at the grocery store:

  • Soft Bread (without nuts)
  • Quinoa or Cous Cous
  • Bananas
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Broth-based soups (without celery)
  • Cheesecake
  • Sorbet

Over time, shopping with your TMJ in mind will become second nature!

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