TMJ in Plantation | Can Posture Affect My TMJ?

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So you suffer from jaw and TMJ pain but don’t know what’s causing it. You have looked into all the traditional “symptoms” and none of them apply to you. Why is your jaw continuing to hurt? Believe it or not, your posture can actually affect your TMJ and jawbone. Let’s take a look at how your posture can affect your TMJ in Plantation.

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is a condition in which improperly-functioning jaw joints cause stress and pain in the surrounding tissues, including the muscles and nerves of the face, head, and neck. Those joints are called the temporomandibular joints, and without them, you would not be able to eat, speak, or move your mouth. When those joints are either imbalanced, injured, or inflamed you will feel pain or discomfort in the way of headaches, lockjaw or pop jaw, difficulty biting, facial swelling, and dizziness.

What is tmj in plantation?

How Is Posture Connected to TMJ Disorder?

The body functions optimally when all of the joints, bones, and muscles are properly aligned. That includes your TMJ. If you are constantly showing signs of bad posture, whether it be routinely slouching in your chair or spending your days hunched over a computer, you are actually retraining your body to hold itself in a less-than-ideal position. Poor posture has a domino effect, as your misaligned spine will cause your lower jaw to protrude forward and create a bad bite, which is one of the leading causes of TMJ disorder.

Are You in Need of Having Your TMJ in Plantation Being Looked At?

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