Manage TMJ with a Lifestyle Change

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In a lot of cases, patients can effectively treat disorders relating to TMJ Miami Beach using home remedies such as lifestyle changes and self-care. If you only have mild TMJ disorder, you can treat it by reducing jaw movements. Try to avoid tensing or clenching your jaw, eating only soft foods, and avoiding chewing gum.

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Recommended Lifestyle Changes

Gentle Exercises

Slightly stretching your jaw is a gentle exercise and ideal for patients with mild TMJ Miami Beach conditions. In addition to this gentle exercise, you can also massage the affected muscles around your jaw. A combination of gentle exercise and rest may be advisable. Professionals on TMJ recommend the most suitable exercises to follow that can help reduce TMJ disorder symptoms. If swelling occurs, applying moisture or ice can relieve your symptoms.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Aside from medical care offered by practitioners, there are also available home remedies such as eating soft and healthy foods, taking pain reliever medications, and avoid eating chewing gum and hard foods. Likewise, avoiding stress will positively affect your condition. Additionally, physical therapy and surgery are other effective treatment options you can choose from.Clenching or grinding your teeth can cause your jaw joints to become displaced. It also stresses out your jaws and the muscles around it. If you have bruxism, it’s best to visit a dentist for a mouth guard to help stop the clenching and grinding and to alleviate your TMJ symptoms.Additionally, sleeping with an excellent dental guard in your mouth can aid your teeth from moving and creating tension on your jaw. It will also help reduce tension in your ligaments and muscles caused by lingering night grinding.

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Get your TMJ Miami Beach Treated

If gentle exercises and lifestyle change can’t provide substantial improvement within a month, it is recommended that advanced treatment strategies be implemented. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today!