TMJ Miami Beach | How Can Dentists Treat TMJ?

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TMJ Miami Beach is not that easy to diagnose because there are no standard tests that would help doctors come up with a diagnosis. Usually, if your doctor suspects that you have TMJ or otherwise known as a temporomandibular joint disorder, they would immediately refer you to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist or a dentist to diagnose your condition.

How Does Your Dentist Diagnose Your Condition?

Generally, a routine procedure is conducted to check if you have TMJ. Your doctor will evaluate your jaw to check if there is tenderness or swelling and if you have other symptoms that would indicate a TMJ disorder. Some of the tests that your doctor will need to run include an x-ray of your jaw as well as a CT scan to check your jawbone and tissues surrounding your joint and an MRI to examine if there are structural problems in your jaw.

Can You Treat TMJ Miami Beach at Home?

Luckily, TMJ symptoms can be treated at home. It is suggested that you eat soft foods to minimize the pain and discomfort and apply an ice pack on the area to lessen the swelling. It also helps if you reduce your jaw movements to avoid further discomfort. If possible, do not chew hard foods and don’t chew gum. Reducing stress can also help manage the pain. Jaw stretching exercises have also been found to help improve jaw mobility.

What If the Symptoms Don’t Improve?

A doctor’s appointment may be needed if symptoms persist and do not improve even after home care. Your doctor may recommend treatment plans depending on your symptoms. If symptoms continue to exacerbate despite these medications, your doctor may recommend surgery to treat it.

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Looking for More Information About TMJ Miami Beach?

The moment you suspect you have TMJ Miami Beach, call your doctor right away so they can treat your condition before it gets worse. At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we are capable of treating TMJ conditions. Call us today for an appointment.