TMJ Miami Beach | How to Prepare Yourself for a TMJ Surgery

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TMJ is a disorder that causes jaw pain. Patients who have this condition are required to adopt lifestyle changes and undergo non-invasive treatments but for severe cases, it will require a TMJ Miami Beach surgery. Your temporomandibular joint is what links your jawbone to the temporal bone of your skull. Pain in this part of your body can negatively affect your way of life specifically eating and talking. Individuals who have this type of disorder often complain of pain during mastication involving a clicking or popping of the jaw that often leads to ear pain, tinnitus, a locked jaw, and headaches.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

One of the simplest yet the most important thing you need to do prior to surgery is to continue with your oral hygiene practices. Brushing your teeth and flossing reduce your risk of infection. After surgery, ask for your doctor’s recommendations as to when you will continue with your brushing and flossing, but rest assured that you would have to do it soon after the surgery.

Have A Healthy Diet

There are patients who lose a lot of weight after surgery, which is why it is important that you establish a healthy eating habit in advance. Make sure you drink lots of water, consume vegetables and fruits, include fiber in your diet and incorporate an exercise regimen so you will be in excellent health before you undergo surgery. Recovery time is also faster when you’re healthy.

Relax and Keep Calm

Like all surgery, TMJ surgery also comes with potential risks. To keep yourself from feeling tense and anxious, you have to stay calm and relaxed. Being in a relaxed state also speeds up your recovery time. How do you do it? Practice deep breathing exercises, read about the procedure, and find a good and reputable dental surgeon to perform your operation.

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