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Millions of American adults suffer from the symptoms of TMJ disorder. From jaw pains to chronic facial pains to earaches, all are linked to faulty temporomandibular joints. Without a functional TMJ, aside from suffering from chronic pains, you’ll also have difficulty chewing and speaking. That’s why it’s important to seek TMJ Miami Beach treatment as soon as you suspect you have TMJ syndrome. In this article, we will discuss the important TMJ questions you should ask, to help you get acquainted with this disorder.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. It refers to a variety of illnesses that affect your temporomandibular joints, facial nerves, and jaw muscles. TMJ Miami Beach occurs when your jaw twists whenever you open or close your mouth or do any side-motion movements. People who have TMJ experience the following symptoms: earaches, migraines, neck aches, jaw pain, soreness around the jaws, difficulty with opening or closing mouth, popping or clicking sounds whenever you open or close your mouth.

What are the Causes of TMJ?

Arthritis, misaligned bite, stress and jaw dislocation caused by injury or trauma are the common causes for TMJ. Stress is said to be a factor in TMJ, including strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects or stressful situations. Stress can trigger your TMJ by causing overuse of your jaw muscles, grinding or clenching teeth. This condition is known as bruxism.

How to Diagnose TMJ?

Diagnosing TMJ is an important step before you seek treatment. But there is no standard test on how to correctly identify TMJ, which makes it difficult to identify if one has TMJ. But an experienced oral surgeon knows how to identify TMJ by conducting x-rays of your TMJ joints, reviewing your medical history, and conducting a physical exam.

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Where to Have Your TMJ Miami Beach Treated?

If your TMJ is becoming too much for you to handle and neither do conservative treatment options help alleviate your TMJ symptoms, then surgery might be a suitable solution for you. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your TMJ surgery is a success! Contact us for inquiries!