What are Commonly Used TMJ Splints?

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The use of splints is often the first step in treating patients with TMJ in Miami Beach. Wearing this dental appliance helps your dentist determine your ideal bite. Additionally, wearing splints takes at least two months, typically. However, TMJ splints may also be used for more extended periods.

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Types of TMJ Splints

Neuromuscular Mandibular Advancement Device

This type of TMJ Miami Beach splint is only used by individuals who suffer from heavy snoring or sleep apnea. It aims to adjust and improve a person's breathing. To address sleep apnea, this device uses the latest dental technology to determine your jaw's balanced position.

Removable Neuromuscular Orthotic

Similar to a neuromuscular mandibular advancement device, this dental appliance also uses the latest dental technology. The only difference is that it is designed to decrease or prevent grinding and clenching. Likewise, it also serves as an excellent tool to help with TMJ dysfunction and pain.Experts on TMJ in Miami Beach said that a neuromuscular orthotic could be used most of the time. Since it is removable, you are given the option to wear them any time of the day.


Nightguards are also known as a custom flat plane bite splint. Just like the removable neuromuscular orthotic, night guards are also used to prevent grinding and clenching. Because it is thicker composition than retainers, TMJ dentists in Miami Beach recommend this dental appliance if you have severe grinding or clenching problems.Aside from night guards, you can also choose an over-the-counter guard. This is the most economical TMJ splint that can fully protect your teeth from grinding.

Essix Retainers

These are transparent retainers that are designed to protect your teeth from minor TMJ symptoms. Several patients opt for this type of TMJ splint since it is lightweight, comfortable, thin, and economical.

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Where to Get Splints for TMJ Miami Beach

As soon as you notice some grinding or clenching of teeth while you're asleep, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center. Our team will get in touch with you and give you a perfect solution.