TMJ Miami Beach | Why You Should Consider Arthroscopic Surgery

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Dealing with TMJ disorder is no joke. The pain and discomfort you feel on your joints can hamper you from doing your daily activities. If you want to treat the inflammation of your TMJ Miami Beach and all together heal from this disorder, you should try Arthroscopic Surgery. Here’s why:

Common Surgery to Perform on Any Joint

Arthroscopic surgery is the most common way to diagnose and cure any joint problem, like diseases, inflammation, loose bone or cartilage, and torn tendons or ligaments.

Procedure is Accurate

Using an Arthroscope, your dentist will be able to view what is happening inside a joint. This will allow them to diagnose accurately the underlying cause of the inflammation and pain that you feel.

Less Post-Operative Discomfort

The procedure does not involve cutting through muscles or tendons in order to repair the joint. Cuts are also fewer and smaller so any pain you feel after surgery is manageable.

High Success Rate

All surgeries have risks but the thing about arthroscopic surgery is that the procedure is minimally invasive. Thus, lesser chances for any relapse and a higher success rate.

Quicker Recovery Time

Because incisions are smaller compared to traditional surgeries, there is less scarring, bruising, and post-op pain. You will be able to recover in the quickest time possible!

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Arthroscopic Surgery for Your TMJ Miami Beach

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