What is the Connection Between TMJ and Stress?

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a dental-related concern that affects the joint or hinge connecting your lower and upper jaw. Issues like chronic pain are often the universal sign that these joints are not working correctly as they should be. Individuals who suffer from TMJ Pembroke Pines likewise experience stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Are Stress and TMJ Related?

The Link between Stress and TMJ

Bruxism, commonly known as severe teeth grinding, often leads to chronic pain, which later on would result in a variety of chemical changes in the brain. This is the reason why a simple TMJ Pembroke Pines pain can lead to TMJ depression, stress, and anxiety. Even if there is no direct cause-and-effect connection between the stress and TMJ, the body seems to link the two factors together.

TMJ Symptoms Cause Anxiety and Stress

If you don’t know yet, TMJ affects the nerves and blood vessels that pass through the back of your jaw, resulting in neurological symptoms like dizziness. It may happen with no warning and can likewise cause headaches and chronic pain. Several studies show that chronic pain, due to your body’s struggle to deal with endless stress, can cause trigger anxiety.Other symptoms of TMJ Pembroke Pines like tinnitus and clicking jaw may also result in stress and anxiety. Since TMJ causes a clicking or popping sensation in the jaw, it may lead to emotional distress that will soon develop to anxiety and stress. Additionally, tinnitus is a perception of ringing sound in your ear. When due to TMJ, it may result in anxiety, distraction, and loss of sleep.

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Other Symptoms of TMJ Pembroke Pines

Since TMJ affect the nerves and blood vessels, it will lead to several neurological symptoms connected with depression and stress. Examples of these symptoms are impaired thinking, tingling in extremities, numbness in limbs, and muscle movements. To know more, contact our dentists and specialists today!