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If you’re suffering from extreme headache, pain in your ears, swelling of jaws, and limited jaw mobility, then it might have something to do with your TMJ Pembroke Pines. Temporomandibular joint disorder is triggered by many factors. If pain relievers are not enough to alleviate the discomfort, here are the 5 things you can do to manage your TMJ symptoms:

Make Jaw Exercises a Habit

One of the ways to ease the symptoms of TMJ disorder is to do jaw exercises and stretching. By doing this every day, it can help improve your jaw’s mobility. See your dentist so they can teach you the proper way to the exercise and massage your jaw.

Choose Soft Foods

Pressure on your jaws can trigger pain in your TMJ. Choosing to eat soft foods, like steamed veggies, eggs, and applesauce can lessen the discomfort. Also, avoid sticky or chewy foods because it can also trigger the symptoms.

Apply Hot or Cold Compress

Applying a hot or cold compress to your TMJ Pembroke Pines can help relax your face muscles and jaw. See your dentist to know how long it should be applied and how to properly apply it.

Avoid Stressing your Jaws

Extreme jaw movements, like yelling, yawning, eating super-sized burgers, and opening your mouth too wide can stress your TMJ. These movements can lead to strain and can magnify the pain you feel in your jaws.

Go to the Dentist

Aside from trying to alleviate pain on your own, it is also good to consult a professional to properly address your TMD. A dentist can recommend treatments that will help your jaws recover.

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