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A TMJ disorder is a condition of the TMJ or temporomandibular joint that causes constant facial pain, like earaches, jaw pain, and headaches. If you’re suffering from these symptoms, then you might be one of the 35 million Americans who are suffering from TMJ disorder. This may sound new to you that’s why we’ve compiled some important things you need to know about TMJ Pembroke Pines.

A TMJ is Many Things

Unlike most disorders, TMJ disorder covers a variety of ailments that has something to do with the joints and muscles that are responsible for jaw movement. Because TMJ is so broad, there are various treatments available to cure the symptoms.

A TMJ disorder is not Hereditary

TMJ disorder is not caused by genetic factors, instead, 85% of all TMJ Pembroke Pines cases are said to have been caused by lifestyle choices and some particular factors.

The Root Cause for TMJ is Unknown

Despite the fact that many people suffer from this disorder, there is still a shortage of proof that identifies the root cause of this disorder. It’d be difficult to find two doctors who can agree on a root cause.

Smokers are more Susceptible to the Effects of TMD

Studies show that the people who have TMD who are smokers are more likely to experience an amplified degree of pain than those who don’t. So, if you’re smoking, you might want to cut back on that if you don’t want to deal with unbearable pain.

Using the Mouth as a Tool is One Factor that causes TMD

The muscular system connected to the TMJ is designed to bear the pressure from everyday chewing and talking. So, using it as a tool, such as for biting nails, opening beer bottles, and more can add pressure to your TMJ.

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