What are TMJ Splints?

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TMJ Splints are removable appliances often created with hard acrylic and attached over the occlusal surface of either mandibular or maxillary dentition. Its purpose is to create an exact occlusal relationship with the opposite arch of your teeth. These are considered to be the most versatile dental appliance when dealing with TMJ in Plantation.

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Perks of Having TMJ Splints

Optimal Results

A properly designed and attached TMJ splint can cover any surface vulnerable to wear and break up doodling patterns. Likewise, TMJ in Plantation provides a stable core or functional join position and ensure your teeth with protection from developing nocturnal and diurnal bruxism. According to experts, it can create a new vertical relationship, reorganize neuromuscular reflex activity, and deprogram the musculature.

Alleviate Stress

TMJ splints can also alleviate occlusal stress to the anterior teeth and posterior teeth by managing its vertical dimension and providing anterior guidance, respectively. Additionally, it also promotes healthy muscle function and introduces an exceptional occlusal structure.

Provides Protection

According to professionals, using TMJ splints can protect the soft and bony tissue supportive structure against irregular forces that would lead to injury. Moreso, it can protect your teeth from an abnormal occurrence that may lead to breakage or restorations and tooth fracture.

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Know More TMJ Splints are Associated with TMJ in Plantation

Although there are numerous appliance devices and treatment approaches available to help cure or minimize these disorders, TMJ splint is the most common and versatile. It can act as a diagnostic treatment tool in dealing with TMJ and protect you against destructive forces of severe bruxism. Irrespective of whatever treatment option you want to avail, early intervention is essential to prevent the development of numerous concerns associated with TMJ and bruxism. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center so you can detect and prevent these dental problems as soon as possible.