TMJ Plantation | How to Alleviate the Symptoms of a TMJ Disorder

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TMJ disorder manifests in so many ways, like headaches, jaw pain, lockjaw, and tenderness of the jaw. But you can’t really tell if these symptoms pinpoint to TMJ Plantation or other problems. You will only know for sure if you see a dentist for a proper diagnosis. But one thing’s certain, you’re experiencing pain and it’s real. To give you an idea of what possible treatments can help alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder then read on:

Medication and Moist Heat

Medications like muscle-relaxants, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce muscle spasms and pain. Applying moist heat on the affected area can also help deal with the discomfort.

Oral Appliance

If you’re suffering from bruxism then there is a higher chance of getting TMJ disorder. This is because of the grinding pressure that your teeth are constantly experiencing every time you clench and grind them. Wearing a custom-made oral appliance will help lessen the pressure on your jaws.


One of the many ways to relieve the symptoms of TMJ Plantation is through therapy. Learning how to relax will help you loosen the muscle tension present in your jaws.


Surgery will always be the last resort unless needed. But if your dentist suggests that the best way to treat your TMJ disorder is through surgery then you need to do it ASAP. Ask your dentist what to expect regarding the procedure so you can prepare yourself.

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How to Cure Your TMJ Plantation?

Each treatment has its own level of effectiveness to different persons. Whatever method you choose, make sure to do it with a dental clinic you can trust. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer you the highest level of treatment for all of your oral facial problems. Our 45 years of oral surgery experience will not fail you and give you the results you’ve been praying for. Call us today for inquiries or visit our website to book an appointment online!