TMJ Plantation | What Can Happen if You Leave TMJ Untreated

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A lot of people suffer from TMJ disorder, but only a few people are aware they have it. This is because most TMJ symptoms are often confused with other conditions. But diagnosing this disease is crucial to find the suitable TMJ Plantation treatment option for you. If you leave it untreated, you could suffer serious consequences. In this article, we will discuss to you the things that are likely to happen if you leave your TMJ untreated.

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Dangers of Untreated TMJ

It Can Lead to Other Medical Conditions

A lot of people suffering from TMJ disorder self-medicate to alleviate the discomfort and chronic pain that they feel. But this could quickly develop into drug dependency, and over time it could lead to addiction. You can also suffer from insomnia because of the pain that may attack you during sleep. TMJ symptoms can also lead to depression and anxiety, which can negatively affect your life in general. Some even suffer from malnutrition as they attempt to treat TMJ Plantation by limiting their diet to soft foods only.

Poor Dental Health

People who are suffering from TMJ disorder tend to clench or grind their teeth causing worn down enamel and fractured or chipped teeth. You can also experience swelling and unsymmetrical muscle growth giving you a lopsided appearance.

Compromised Hearing and Jaw Problems

If you leave your TMJ untreated, you may experience tinnitus which could lead to compromised hearing, vertigo, recurring dizziness, and difficulty with balance. Your vision can also be affected. Aside from having ear problems, you can also experience jaw problems like locked jaw, jaw dislocation, and jaw immobility.

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Where to Have Your TMJ Plantation Treated?

Undergoing TMJ Plantation surgery might be the solution you need to treat your TMJ disorder. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your surgery is a success and a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries or visit our website for more information!