Tooth Extraction: Understanding its Surgical Nature

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Oral surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures, one of the most common being tooth extraction. Despite its routine nature, extractions are still classified as oral surgery. Our oral surgeon in Plantation will shed light on the significance of this dental procedure.

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Explore the Reasons Behind This Classification

Surgical Nature

Tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from its socket within the jawbone. The process may require incisions, sutures, and specialized instruments. Although general dentists can perform simple extractions, complex cases often require the expertise of an oral surgeon. This surgical aspect involves manipulating oral tissues and bone, setting tooth extraction apart from routine dental procedures.

Potential Complications

While most extractions are straightforward, there can be instances where complications arise. Impacted teeth, for example, require a more intricate surgical procedure to access and remove them. Extracting damaged or fractured teeth may also involve surgical techniques to prevent further damage or ensure complete removal. These potential complications underscore the surgical nature of tooth extraction.

Anesthesia and Recovery

Tooth extraction often requires the administration of local anesthesia; general anesthesia may be necessary in some cases. This ensures the patient's comfort and safety during the procedure. Moreover, post-operative care further emphasizes the surgical nature of tooth extraction.

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Despite being a common dental procedure, tooth extraction is rightly classified as an oral surgery due to its surgical nature, potential complications, and the need for anesthesia and post-operative care. Our dental professionals at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center can assure you that extractions are safe and anxiety-free! Call us now!