Tooth Extractions: Do I Need a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon?

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Nobody enjoys having a tooth extraction, but the good news is that it's typically a quick surgery. However, sometimes, unique situations call for unique treatments, so, your dentist might refer you to an oral surgeon in Plantation. Read on if you're unsure of why you might need to seek help from someone other than your dentist to have a tooth pulled. Depending on how the tooth behaves before or during a standard extraction, it might require additional assistance to be taken out of your mouth. Let’s take a look.

a patient smiling while an oral surgeon in Plantation holds dental utensils to check her teeth

What Is the Difference Between an Oral Surgeon and a Dentist?

You’re probably aware of what dentists do, including cleanings, exams, tooth extractions, cavity fillings, and so forth. Oral surgeons go a little bit beyond that. They perform procedures requiring cutting into the gums or operating on the jawbone, basically any process requiring surgery. Your dentist will be able to pull a tooth, but an oral surgeon can remove an impacted tooth or even insert a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

Do You Need Simple Extraction or Surgical Extraction?

To start, let's first discuss non-surgical versus surgical tooth extractions. A general dentist can effectively pull teeth with forceps when they are totally visible above the gum line. On the other hand, an oral surgeon should be consulted for the extraction if a tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, is entirely or partially buried beneath the gum line. Surgical extractions require stitches to close the incision and an oral surgeon is the one with the right training to do that.

Oral surgeon in Plantation performing a tooth extraction

Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Plantation?

Call us at Oral Facial Reconstruction if you require an extraction and would like a consultation. We will conduct a thorough evaluation and inform you of the best technique to carry out your surgery while safeguarding you, your teeth, and your jawbone.