The Basics of Tooth Extractions and the Healing Process

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Tooth extractions in Plantation can be needed in a variety of different situations. While the most common tooth extraction is the removal of a wisdom tooth, extractions can be quite common in other scenarios as well. If you are considering a tooth extraction, read on to learn more about tooth extraction healing and aftercare.

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Immediate Healing and Proper Aftercare of the Tooth Extraction Site

How Long Will the Extraction Site Heal?

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the healing time after a tooth extraction procedure may last for several weeks. However, healing periods of tooth extractions in Plantation may depend upon your dental condition, as well as how careful you maintain a healthy healing process. After the removal of large molar teeth at the back of your mouth, the bone and gums will require a time to rejuvenate, and your soft tissues will be more sensitive than ever.

Aftercare Tooth Extraction Healing Tips

The most important tip you need to remember to achieve faster recovery is to rest. Immediately after the extraction process, make sure that you go straight to your home and rest. Avoid any exercises for 24 hours and see to it that you keep your head slightly upright when lying down.Areas that underwent tooth extractions in Plantation tend to be very sensitive. Allow the areas to clot before consuming any solid foods. However, you still need to watch what you’re eating in the first week. Additionally, make sure not to put too much pressure when you eat. To clean the extraction area, warm saline rinses will do the trick. You can make a rinsing solution by mixing salt into the water. Moreso, warm saline rinsing may be done 12 hours after your tooth extraction.

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Know More About Tooth Extractions in Plantation

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