Tooth Extractions Plantation | Top 5 Reasons to Get a Tooth Extractions

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As long as your decaying tooth can still be saved, your dentist at Oral Facial Reconstruction & Implant Center will not opt for extraction. But in some cases, a tooth extractions Plantation procedure becomes necessary, especially when it can affect your neighboring teeth or cause a life-threating problem. To help you identify when a tooth extraction is needed, here are the top 5 reasons why tooth extractions become necessary:

Severe Tooth Decay

In cases where a decayed tooth is damaged beyond repair, extraction becomes necessary. Severe tooth decay can affect the nerves of your tooth and the pulp, causing an infection. If the infection is allowed to progress, it may become too advanced for a root canal treatment. If not treated as soon as possible, the infection can spread further and may put your overall health at risk.

Loose Teeth Due to Gum Disease

Gums disease, or periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums caused by built-up plaque and bacteria in the mouth. It can result in the gums detaching itself from the tooth, causing pockets between them and a loose tooth. Upon assessment, your dentist will identify if extraction or getting periodontal treatments will work best for you.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth can become painful and can sometimes cause an infection in the area. It can also cause overcrowding and the shifting of your teeth. A dental extraction can prevent this.

Overcrowding of Teeth

If your mouth is overcrowded with teeth, causing them to become crooked, then you may need to undergo a tooth extraction paired together with orthodontic treatment. Doing this will allow the rest of your teeth to move, realign, and straighten.

Damage or Trauma Caused by Injury

Under any circumstance, the first option is always to preserve your teeth. However, if dental trauma is too severe following an injury, extractions may be necessary.

Where can I find tooth extractions Plantation?

Where to Have Your Tooth Extractions Plantation

If it becomes necessary, don’t be afraid to undergo a tooth extractions Plantation treatment at our office. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced dentists will guarantee that your visit is a pleasant experience! Contact us today for inquiries, or to set up an appointment!