Understanding Recurring Mouth Ulcers

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Have you ever woken up with a sore on your lip and wondered how it got there? Well, this is a form of mouth ulcer, a very common abnormality within the oral pathology Aventura FL. Mouth ulcers can be uncomfortable and are characterized by oval or round sores that can appear on your tongue, lips, inner cheeks, and mouth. Although this dental problem is often non-threatening and can be cured without intervention, these uncomfortable and irritating little sores can still be avoided if you understand why they appear.

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Why Do You Have Mouth Ulcers?

Hormonal Changes

Aside from the uncomfortable pressure women often experience during their menstrual period, the hormonal changes can cause cosmetic blemishes to pop up–one of these blemishes being a mouth sore. Hormonal changes lead to the rise of progesterone levels, which later on result in weakened immune function, bacterial overgrowth, swelling of mucosal tissue, or inflammation. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that women develop mouth ulcers more often than men.

Nutritional Deficiency

According to an expert on oral pathology Aventura FL, mouth ulcers are not only caused by hormonal changes but also, food intake. Likewise, these ulcers can be due to simple nutritional deficiencies, such as iron and Vitamin B12. If necessary, you can take supplements. However, if you’d rather do it the natural way, you can modify your diet! Try adding in legumes, kale, spinach, dairy, fish, and meat.

Food Triggers

Similar to nutritional vitamin deficiency, mouth ulcers can also be triggered by the type of food you consume. For instance, crunchy foods can damage the lining of your mouth. If you get a cut in your mouth, it may turn into a little mouth ulcer. Additionally, acidic or spicy foods can also trigger their development. Therefore, if you are prone to these little sores, you may want to try avoiding excessive consumption of tomatoes, lemon, oranges, peppers, and chilies.

Where can I find Oral Pathology Aventura FL?

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Like any other abnormalities, disorders, or diseases, oral pathology problems are easily treated when detected at an early stage. As soon as you notice possible triggers or discomfort, schedule an appointment with a professional. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction today!