Untreated TMJ Disorder can Compromise your Health

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Do you experience pain in your jaw, jaw joints, and the muscles around it? The common signs and symptoms of TMJ in Pembroke Pines are chronic jaw pains, earaches, migraines, jaw immobility, and locked jaw. If your TMJ has become unbearable and no conservative methods of treatment seem to work, then you should consider getting surgery. TMJ disorder is not something you have to worry about when you notice it at an early stage. However, it can compromise your overall health if left untreated.

Where can I go for TMJ Pembroke pines?

Problems Caused by TMJ Disorder

Jaw Problems and Compromised Hearing

If you get your TMJ disorder treated, you may experience tinnitus which could lead to compromised hearing, vertigo, recurring dizziness, and difficulty with balance. Your vision can also be affected. Aside from having ear problems, you can also experience jaw problems like locked jaw, jaw dislocation, and jaw immobility.

Joint Damage

TMJ symptoms may not be life-threatening. However, as stated earlier, it can worsen and affect your overall health. If you don’t seek treatment, you may experience joint damage or inflammation. Because TMJ affects your jaw and mouth, the prolonged pressure will lead to inflammation or rapture of your joints.

Morning Headaches

Headaches are commonly experienced when you’re stressed or tired. However, constant and unwarranted headaches may be a sign of TMJ disorder. When it starts to disrupt your daily life, that’s when it’s time to act. So, stay hydrated, take the appropriate medication, but don’t settle. Be sure to schedule an appointment to get to the bottom of things.

Where can I go for TMJ Pembroke pines?

Other Problems Caused by Untreated TMJ in Pembroke Pines

Aside from these problems, untreated TMJ disorder may also result in the development of an airway sleep disorder, increased muscle contraction, constant face, and neck pain, and wearing down of your teeth. Life with TMJ can be spiteful as it not only affects your sleep, it also affects the amount of oxygen you breathe, eating habits, and your mood. Getting it treated as early as possible will prevent these from happening. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today and allow our experts to treat your TMJ disorder!