Ways Corrective Jaw Surgery Can Improve Your Life

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Corrective jaw surgery may be beneficial if you have a crooked bite. Jaw surgery, commonly known as orthognathic surgery in Plantation, is used to address functional issues. However, your quality of life will improve in numerous ways when an oral surgeon repositions your jaws into appropriate alignment.

woman holding her face because of jaw pain and needing Orthognathic Surgery Plantation

Benefits of an Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw Pain Is No Longer an Issue

The jaw joints, or temporomandibular joints, are strained by a misaligned bite, and the extra tension can cause persistent discomfort. Many people acquire TMJ problems and joint issues as a result of their misalignment. Orthognathic surgery can be an excellent way to get rid of pain and restore joint mobility.

Lesser Dental Problems

Bite misalignment puts extra pressure on particular teeth, and the additional wear and tear can lead to decay, damage, tooth loss, and gum disease. After jaw surgery, the pressure in your bite will be adjusted, lowering your risk of dental problems.

Eat With Ease

Biting, chewing, and swallowing issues are frequently caused by jaw misalignment, and if you have a misaligned bite, some foods may even be forbidden. Your teeth will align perfectly after corrective jaw surgery, and you will be able to eat whatever you want with ease.

Speech Clarity

Pronouncing things correctly might be difficult when your bite is misplaced. Speaking difficulties can be humiliating and might lower your self-esteem. You will be able to talk clearly once an oral surgeon aligns your jaws properly.

Improved Sleep and Rest

Misaligned jaws impact the structure of the airway and can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea, a hazardous disease marked by frequent pauses in breathing during the night. To successfully cure sleep apnea, orthognathic surgery can clear blockages in the airway.

image of tmj needing Orthognathic Surgery Plantation

Do You Need Orthognathic Surgery in Plantation?

We want you to be well-informed about your treatment choices at Oral Facial Reconstruction. If you have a misaligned bite and would want to learn more about corrective jaw surgery, please call us to set up a consultation.