What are the Different Types of Oral Surgery Aventura FL?

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Most of the time, when a dentist talks about oral surgery, a widespread fear or panic is caused among every patient. After hearing about it, there are several questions that pop into their minds. Some of which are: “What are the different types of oral surgery Aventura FL?”, “Is it safe?”, or “How much will it cost?”. Thus, to eliminate even just one of the common questions about oral surgery, below are its different types.

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Different Types of Oral Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Is cosmetic surgery included in the scope of oral surgery Aventura FL? Although cosmetic surgery is not a necessary dental procedure, it is still included within the scope of oral surgery because it involves minor treatments such as orthodonture and dental smile makeovers.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal is the extraction of adult teeth situated at the back bottom or top corners of your mouth. When wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to grown, they often lead to impacted teeth or cause oral infections, pain, and discomfort. Additionally, if you have this question in mind – “Does wisdom tooth extraction require oral surgery Aventura FL?”, the answer to it is a resounding yes, especially when you have an impacted wisdom tooth.

Dental Implants

Because of the advanced and cutting-edge tools and technologies, dental implants have greatly changed to suit the needs of every patient. Today, dental implants are not only used to secure crowns to your jawbone, but they are also used to replace teeth due to oral cancer, dental disease, tooth decay, and other dental causes. Moreover, you can now get your dental implants done in a couple of days because of the advancements in tools, technologies, and techniques.

who offers oral surgery aventura fl?

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