What are the Symptoms Lock Jaw?

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Have you experienced lockjaw? Otherwise known as trismus, lockjaw is a condition in which an individual cannot fully open their mouth because it has been severely restricted. This condition has a number of possible causes ranging from non-progressive or simple concerns to those that can be life-threatening. As soon as you experience a slight restriction in your jaw, it’s essential that you visit a dentist or oral surgeon to know whether you need oral surgery in Plantation.

Do I need oral surgery in Plantation?

How is Trismus Diagnosed?


Before learning how trismus can be diagnosed, it is important that you first know the symptoms. A mouth that is restricted or cannot fully open is the hallmark of lockjaw. Once you experience difficulty in opening your mouth, you have to immediately see your dentist. Other symptoms of trismus include:

  • Cramps in the jaw
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing certain foods
  • Discomfort and pain in performing acts that involve opening or widening of the mouth, especially when biting into an apple or brushing your teeth
  • Soreness in the jaw


The simplest way to diagnose lockjaw is by using the spatula test. Your dentist will touch your posterior pharyngeal wall with a spatula and if a reflexive spasm will occur, it is an indication that you have a lockjaw problem.It is important to note that once lockjaw develops, it can be difficult to treat. That is why early recognition and prevention are imperative to remove this disorder. Likewise, it is essential that you see a physical therapist or oral surgeon who specializes in temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) to ensure that your condition is properly treated. These professionals can recommend home exercises to restore opening and give you a manual treatment of the muscles hindering your jaw motion.Additionally, it is critical that you see a professional with experience in handling this condition to avoid any possibility of developing a TMJ disorder after your trismus treatment.

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While lockjaw can be painful, it often responds well to early-stage treatment. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to know more about trismus and how to handle it.